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Do you think that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Long COVID are probably the same illness from different triggers?

Mod (talkcontribs)

Yes or no, and why?

Alexandria (talkcontribs)

Yes! I have been sick for years after a flu-like illness and the symptoms are identical to long covid. i don't think the trigger is important. i think we end up with the same dysfunction. just like it doesn't matter how you get a bruise. a bruise is a bruise. the body is the body. i am sure we feel it different ways because of our genetics and other health things. also i think that damage to the smallest nerves is what can cause all of the seemingly unrelated hundreds of symptoms. it is for me at least. i got a punch biopsy which finally showed proof that something was going on.

Mikey (talkcontribs)

I'm gonna go with yes. I work in the medical field and there are too many similarities.

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